Welcome to Heartland MCC

Est. 23 March 2008



Bringing Bikers together for weekly meets, ride outs, rallys, track days and race meetings all over the UK and beyond.

Mark Graham Drag Racing at Crail and member of The Scottish Drag Bike Club for past 3 years bike used Hayabusa (1999).

Check out the Events page for up comming Events, Bike rallys, Track Days 'n' stuff like that.

The Rules for membership of the HEARTLAND MCC are as follows:

1) No Rules allowed.

Our passion for motorcycles

The passion for motorcycles is scattered through every corner of the world. With their economical side, incredible speed and recreational potential, there is no doubt that avid fans think of them as a lifestyle. Whether you take pleasure in the mechanics of the vehicles or you participate in various events for riders, they are the perfect mean of transportation that can help you explore the country differently. Plan a relaxing journey and have fun with your friends..

Although some individuals see them as a pastime and others take advantage of the fuel savings and use them for various professional purposes, a motorcycle is a one-of-a-kind experience. You will become addicted to the adrenaline rush with every lean angle and when you weave through cars in the city. Feel the sense of freedom it delivers and share your hobby with like-minded people from the Heartland motorcycle club. This way, you will take part in events and group rides..

There is nothing more exciting than a road trip with your friends in ones of the most amazing places in the UK. Take an escort from http://www.eros.com and indulge her with a ride on the popular trails. Choose the Cat & Fiddle pass and take joy in the picturesque landscapes. Challenge your skills with the incredible bends and stop whenever you want. Make sure you swing by the bikers’ favorite local inn and fill your belly with tasty food and beverages.

For the bike enthusiasts, Snake Pass to Sheffield is another must-drive. You will discover impressive views of the High Peak Estate and Ladybower reservoir. Feel the thrills of adventure with every spin or turn, continue your route from Glossop and see where it leads you. Because the world smells and is seen in a different manner from a two wheeled vehicle, take your motorcycle for a memorable ride. You should definitely let nature surround you with its beauty.

Regardless if your love for motorbikes started from your childhood days, or you have just discovered it, there is no way you will not enjoy a trip from Scotland’s Edinburgh to the eastern coast of Ayr. Pick the Lang Whang route and get a glimpse of the moorland, hills and other spectacular sceneries. With more than 74 miles of road, this path might be a little bit tricky. Travel around the Scottish lands via Lanark and you will not get bored.

If you feel rather adventurous, plan a trip through the Pass of the Cross in Wales and you will not regret it. As one of the most popular trails among bikers, it will make you climb to an incredible height above the sea level. Your abilities will be greatly tested on your way from Dinas Mawddwy to Llanuwchllyn. Make sure you capture with your camera the natural surroundings of Lake Vyrnwy, stunning valleys, the Aran Fawddwy Mountain and more.

Motorcycles are a wonderful mean for everyone who wants to spend some time away from the daily stress. You can take your lover for a spin everywhere you wish and create exquisite memories together. Relax behind the handles of your motorbike and get to your destinations in time and without trouble. Add accessories and make changes so that it is a symbol of your identity. Develop your passion for motorcycles and live your life spontaneously!